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Cover Reveal: Don't Call Me Iron Man by N.D. Wylders

Today, I've got N.D. Wylders taking over my blog to show off the cover for her upcoming Beyond Fairytales release. Welcome, N.D.! 

Hi everyone! *waves* So, to make this a little more interesting than just showing off my sexy cover and giving you a quick snippet from my new upcoming release from Decadent, I thought I’d give you some fast five’s at each blog who is featuring my new shiny cover. That way you get to know a bit about the crazy characters and the fantastic world of Sisera that is featured in Don’t Call Me Iron Man.  And for this stop you’re going to get a quick glimpse into the basic facts of Lucero’s mating ritual.

Fast Five about Tribus Noctibus:
1. Is divided into three separate tests, one per night.
2. Is held sacred and is the ultimate power exchange between those involved.
3. The first test involves nothing more than sensual touches. The idea is to drive the submissive over the edge with nothing more than your touch.
4. Lucero gets more than he bargains for as he guides Ivan though each test.
5. Ivan has agreed to the mating test, never realizing it could be the end of his chances returning home. 

Once upon a time...there was this guy. A man who had an IQ out of this world and was arrogant enough to give the legendary Tony Stark a run for his money. He had everything he could ever want - a good job, more money than he knew what to do with, and all the sex he wanted - no strings attached. But that all changed on one fateful night...
The last thing Ivan Chugunov expected when he dropped by his favorite haunt for a few brews was to be entertained by a mysterious storyteller. But as he listened to the man's tale of a prince and an oddity that went by the name of Iron John, he found himself lost in the story...only to awaken in another realm - one with a quest - for him. Repair the purifier vital to all those who lived and retrieve a medical unit. Seemed simple enough and a small enough price to pay to return to his own realm. Well, until he finds out that said 'LT-1789 unit' is actually a reclusive cybernetic man. One who will demand his own price of Ivan - three nights of unbridled sexual bliss...with Ivan at his mercy. Only then will he return to the royal clutch. Can Ivan, a man who relishes control above all else, submit to a man who may be more machine than human?

“Until the queen sent me in to unclog the purifier again.” Ivan rolled onto his back, his limbs sprawled out in a way that was so reminiscent of Vihaan, Lucero wasn’t sure if he wanted to cry or jump the man. “After losing your lover, there’s probably nothing I could offer that would convince you to return to the royal clutch, is there?”
Lucero astonished himself when the words flew out of his mouth. “I want the tribus noctibus. Give me three nights of pleasure, and I will return with you.”
Ivan frowned and pushed up on one arm. “What do you mean three nights of pleasure? You’re demanding I sleep with you, in exchange for something you’ve done before?”
He gave a hoarse chuckle. “No, you’re asking me to return to a life of watching those around me die, of being under the thumb of a queen who cares more for land than those who live on it. Well, I won’t go back to that kind of hell without being compensated.”
“And forcing me to have sex with you is your way of being paid? How do you even know if I’m into men?”
Lucero continued to rock but met Ivan’s gaze. “I’d never force you to do anything you didn’t want, Ivan. I’m designed to take care of others. The same thing that tells me that you’re approximately two-hundred-and-sixty-five pounds and six-foot-five assures me that you are more than just attracted to me. When I get close, your heart rate accelerates, your breathing becomes faster, and your blood pools in your groin.”
Ivan sat up with a surge of powerful muscles, his face red. “You scanned me?”
“In a fashion. The same sensors that allow me to diagnose illness pick up things like elevated heartbeat and heavy breathing.” Lucero crossed his arms over his chest. “So it’s simple. You find me attractive and I’ve been alone a long time. You need me to go back to the clutch, and I find myself yearning for what I’ve been so long without—a lover. Agree to this, and I’ll return to the clutch with you at the end of the three days.”
“Just like that?” Suspicion colored Ivan’s words.
Lucero nodded. “If you make it through all three days, Ivan. However, what I view as sexual pleasure may be more than what you’re used to.”

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