Friday, February 21, 2014

The Weekend is Here!

Woot woot! It's Friday.

This week has been a blessing and a curse. Let's do the cursing, bad stuff first.

The day job suddenly produced mass amounts of work this week. Of course I'm grateful to have a job, but this level of busy hasn't happened in a while. Let's say I need a couple more days to hit my stride and a short work week doesn't always help.

From the blessing standpoint my book released, which all of you are already aware. I want to thank everyone who's read the blog, shared the blog, shared the Amazon page, left a review, and bought my book. The support I've received outside of my online presence has been amazing and I've been in a state of awe by the number of friends, family and acquaintances who've enjoyed my story. It means a lot to me and is probably the biggest encouragement for me to write more.

For those anxious to hear who won my release day contest well, it's not over yet. Due to the glitches that happened at the start of my release day I decided to extend the entry period for the giveaway until February 28th. March 3rd I'll announce winners. In the meantime tell your friends to enter.

Finally for Friday I'll leave you with this awesome video. Kristin Anders posted this in the comments to a post about being an angry feminist. I loved Joss Whedon before, but now I think he's on my list of 'People I have to meet before I die'. Check it out and my your weekend be restful.

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