Friday, January 17, 2014

Writing = Leading

As writers we're constantly developing imaginary characters, worlds, decisions, and ultimately different takes on fake or current social norms we've experience in our past or present. Writing is a way to express, maybe not our personal feelings on a politically charged topic but, how we believe it would effect different people and their make-believe personalities.

Fictional accounts from the Historical perspective give us ideas on how things came to be in our future and how maybe one person could have influenced change in the past. Dystopian novels take political, religious, and ethical ideas to extremes to show possible futures. Horror stories let us hypothesis scenarios of science going too far or how making out casts of different individuals may affect an environment in a negative manner. Romance novels also attack taboos, characters overcoming personal obstacles to find true love, and a myriad of other troubles.

No matter what you write, the power of your words has the ability to lead. By leading, I mean to create change in a person's mind about a topic or to influence them in ways they never thought possible.

I'll leave you this Friday with a brief TED Talk called: Leading with Lollipops.

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