Tuesday, January 21, 2014

UPCOMING RELEASE: R is For Rebel by Megan Mulry

Yes, those are caps in the header and damn right I'm excited. R is For Rebel releases on February 4th, 2014 -- 14 days from today.

Megan is my secret light of power. I was lucky enough to meet her at the RT Convention Giant Book Fair in May of 2013. She got up out of her chair and hugged me! ME! She. Hugged. Me. Then I was gifted the privileged of being a part of her inner circle for a couple of hours of amazing. She is one of the most approachable author's I've met and amazeballs.

I'd read her debut release and hailed it marvelous. The lovely tale, A Royal Pain, featured a heroine that cussed as much as I do. No, I don't cuss on the blog because I'm protecting my public image, but in the bosom of my close friends and family the fuck's fly. I'm painfully aware this may make me less palatable in some eyes, but I digress.

Back to MEGAN! Because this post is all about her and not me. Since the debut of A Royal Pain, and the ever delicious mix of American Sassy-Cussy-Pants Bronte and the smokin' hawt Max, I've been addicted. While, I haven't had the time to review her subsequent releases, I've gobbled them up. Each one another testament to her witty prose, cutting dialogue, and re-awakening the desire in me for a modern day fairy-tale.She's an author who gives you sensory details. Details that will make you SEE, FEEL, TASTE, SMELL, and, by damn or thong panties, WANT all the things.

That being said if there's one book you need to order (besides all of them) go out and pre-order R is for Rebel .

Required Blurb:
Abigail Heyworth is a rebel heiress, bucking the confines of her royal family every chance she gets. After breaking up with her long-term girlfriend, she is inexplicably drawn to the sophisticated American, Eliot Cranbrook. Despite all their differences - he's a self-made businessman; she's a royal hippy - they fall hard for each other. When the intensity of the relationship escalates and Abigail is forced to look at the nature of her rebellion, she has to decide if she has an entirely different kind of courage. 

This book is for: 
- Women who love Historical and Contemporary Romance. Megan brings you the best of both worlds.
- Anyone who's been a rebel. I was a goth girl in high school. Chained wallets, fishnet shirts, black eye liner, Doc Martens, and plenty of hardcore/metal rock meant to cause your eardrum to shrivel up and die. I want to know Abigail based on the Rebel principle alone.
- Those who love strong heroines who still need to face their fears and downright sexy, unbelievably pervy heroes (there's nothing better in my opinion).

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