Saturday, September 8, 2012

A Few Good Reviewers Needed!

Here's the official post, as promised.

Indies Books R Us is looking for a few good nuts... um, we mean reviewers, but if you're a little cray too then no biggie!

Yes, we need help. If you follow our blog regularly you've seen on the last few months have put a strain on us. The indie book reviewing world is just too big for only 2 reviewers on this site. Commitment is for just 1 review/1 book per month. You'll get a choice in what you review, and you only have to put down about 300-500 words of your thoughts on the book's content. No extraordinary deal, no website design or fancy postings (we'll take care of that). Additional details will be provided if you're interested.
Those who want more info or are definitely up to the challenge send an email to:


-Contact info

-Experience (it's not required, but a bonus).

-A review example. If you've never written one before write a review based on the last book you read.   I hope there's a few of you out there interested in joining the cause, at least that's one way of defining it. There's a ton of books available out there and we need to help people sift through the good, the questionable, and the fuzzy.

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