Sunday, May 13, 2012

Funday Monday: May 14, 2012

It's been awhile... okay, maybe too long. You'll be happy to know that I'm writing again-- with a vengeance that refuses to be denied. I don't want to go into detail about the project because I don't want to jinx anything. Call me superstitious because... I am! *Deja Vu* I said all of this previously, that should tell you how paranoid I've become.

This week is a mish mash of things to do and other news.

1- Winner of my contest! I only had once commenter. That's kinda sad but no biggie. I can only conclude that everyone's read all the books I was giving away. No worries there, so my 1 commenter gets not just 1 book but all of them. Trudy Edgeworth! Come. On. Down. That's right Trudy send me a message so I can get you your books.

2- It's a Country Showdown! A fellow day time slummer is currently competing a country showdown competition hosted by Chevron. This is one of those long running contests but I really want to help. There's no pesky emails or anything just a register an email address, validate it and vote one a day.
Who should you vote for: Paul Alvin. Writer and Singer of the song 'Chunky Dunkin'. The song is hilarious so click the link and vote please!

3- My next Barbara Walter's moment! Yes, that's right I'm going to slip into my Barbara Walter's facade (without making celebs cry) and complete a live interview Wednesday night on the paranormal show The Beyond Natural. Who is this lucky celeb? None other than Barry Fitzgerald from Ghost Hunters International. Most people wouldn't think this is big news, but for me it is. Reality and author celebs are about as close as I get to the big time. So if you want to see me in action check out The Beyond Natural Wednesday night at 7pmPST/9pmCST/10pmEST on Paranormal TV Network. *Smiles* I sound like such an ad... blah!

4-The auction! So you like reading, like authors... especially romance. Or just in general are looking for fun gifts and want to support a good cause. Well it's another year and the Brenda Novak's On-Line Auction for Diabetes Research. This is a marvelous auction with tons of opportunities (mentorships, agent critiques, lunches with authors, gift bags, books) and all the money raised goes to support a worthy cause. A couple of interesting tidbits there are multiple mentorships available with editors and authors. For the author seeking a little more in depth feedback you need to check this auction out.

5- Do you give feedback?? To often times we read these blogs and don't comment. We don't. Say. Anything. You read and you move on. I've recently discovered Google Reader on my Kindle sucks! I can't comment, just read. I like commenting. It let's the author know they are appreciated. Now stop! Before you take this as a rant, just know that even the Oh Ranty Me can't comment on everything. But I try to be diligent and comment when I can. So, for the sake of the bloggers out there pay it forward... make a comment at least once a day. In all the reading there's go to be at least one thing catching more than just an eye.

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