Saturday, March 10, 2012

My busy busy busy life

I'm sure everyone noticed my absence from the blog. Okay, maybe not everyone, but a handful of people who follow this mish mash faithfully. Sidenote: Thank you faithful followers!

Anyhoo, I've been absent, but not because I wanted to be. The real world life took over and attacked like a vicious tiger digging into a zebra haunch. My online presence went from everyday to the spare moments between putting kids to bed and getting on the next project. All of this craziness culminated this weekend in a moment of insane planning and skill.
What moment you ask? The moment or should I say 4 day whirlwind of moving my mother in-law.
I can hear it now- the brakes in your mind just set against the wheels. There's a bit of squealing; you probably need some new pads. Yes, I moved my mother in-law... by myself! Or with limited help. This wasn't just an across town move. No this was a state-to-state move. Starting in the northern part of Missouri to my neck of the woods in Arkansas. You would think this would be simple, but I had my hands in all sorts of pots outside of the move: blog tours, reviews, day job emergencies, after school child care meltdowns (yes, my after school babysitter quit 2 days before the massive move), and a list of half a dozen other things to do. Plus, I'm actively plotting or trying to anyway. I really want to kick this book out that's been rattling around in my head since December.

Back to the point-- the move! The consumption of my free time began in early February. I started researching apartments for the dear 2nd mother of mine (for this story I'll call her Millie). Then came visiting potential dwellings, gathering applications, relaying information via phone about each one in an attempt to glean which one Millie seemed interested in. Next filling out applications, determining who was going to cover the deposit, utility potentials, etc. Finally Millie selected two potentials and I went out (children in tow) to visit each location (of course both were places I hadn't visited prior). Our decision was made by the 3rd week of February.

Then came moving logistics. Out of 4 sons, one of which is traveling for work (so I cut him some slack)... now we have 3 sons. Not a single one could be prevailed upon to put forth any moving effort. Each one developed able excuses to not assist. I was  ticked, but this reaction from the siblings of my dear husband was expected.

Regardless, I forged ahead. Rented a car to take me to Kansas City hell, reserved a box truck, aligned a babysitter, and get all traveling completed in one day...March 1st. I got in my rented Ford Escape (sweetest car I'll ever drive), drove 3 1/2 hours, picked up the box truck, and drove 30 minutes to Millie's. Lo and behold my surprise when 2 brothers were on site to help load the truck (I still have no clue how Millie convinced them to help, but she did). Unfortunately, Millie wasn't completely packed. So I got started. 7 hours later the truck was packed, the apartment cleaned out, and Millie loaded into the passenger seat ready for her new adventure. Then I drove another 3 1/2 hours back to my house!

Luckily Friday was a rest day... sort of. We did the utility dash! Water, Cable, DMV- Check! Electricity transfer was the only thing forgotten, but Millie received permission to wait until Monday. I spent Friday evening lining up help for the move. I found 1 friend and her daughter willing to assist. So Saturday morning, after a quick eggs and potato casserole breakfast, myself, Millie, my friend and 3 children traveled another 30 minutes to Millie's new home.

8 hours, a 10 ft. (full) box truck, 1 flight of stairs, 1 trip to Wally World, a dash to Lowe's, lunch via McD's, and1 lease signing later Millie was moved in. Food in the frig, bed set up, toilet paper located, and a TV plugged in... she was set. At least for the night. The following day I besieged my friend with another request for transportation. She has a minivan... I had a desk, chair and coffee table to transport. So we made a second trip to Millie's. Much to her delight and joy since she left all her furniture in KC, except for the bed. It took me about 2 hours to assemble the coffee table and chair, but in the end everything was alright. My palms and fingers throbbed signalling the brain with messages of murder, empty threats at most.
So.... if you ever, for 1 second, doubt that a 5'4 female can move a seventy year-old woman by herself, for the most part, think again! It can be done with a bit of planning, online absence, and focus. My body treated this experience like a giant cardio exercise. I don't believe I lost any weight, but I used muscles that couldn't remember the definition of 'exercise'. Heck, exercise is a foreign activity to me. Reserved for those who have more drive for finely toned body parts.  Now, I'm back and as you've seen the reviews are flowing again.

This weekend... spring cleaning, hopefully!

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  1. Oh to be young again and have that kind of energy! Even though I don't have kids, I think the worst part of all that would be the babysitter going poof (I did have to line up care workers for my dad, so have some idea of the frustration).

    Yay for getting through it all only slightly worse for wear ;o). Here's to a semi-quiet rest-of-March *clink*.