Monday, February 20, 2012

Funday Monday: February 20th, 2012

Ah ha! I'm back for another round of Funday Monday! This is more of a shameless plug Funday Monday. I'm here to pimp out my latest endeavor. Pawsiblities I <3 Dogs Tour is a go! It's officially launched today, and the first post is up. I'm a little squee about this venture, though I'm not sure how much attention it will really get.

1.) Small Town Rescue: This is Mission Control! The command center for the blog tour and Pawsibilities Are Endless' little spot to post about our wonderful dogs and share information as we come across it. We love talking about dogs... I think that's a little obvious with the whole blog tour thing, but good to mention again.

2.) Confessions of an Animal Junkie: Our wonderful friend and cohort Phoenix Sullivan runs this blog. With vet tales and guest posts from myself and other animal lovers it's a breath of fresh air. Plus tons of photos. You should really meet Phoenix's animal crew. A mish mash of some of the cutest and interesting animals I've seen. She's offering her blog up for guest posts from those who may not have a blog. So if you want to share your 'I love dogs' stories visit her blog for more info.

3.) Going from Nobody to Somebody: My partner in crime Cate! We have a Indies Book Review blog that we work together on, and she's an animal lover too! She's going to making a weekly post on each theme, and tweeting the heck out of our posts. She's also a huge gamer, so if you into video games and the latest with the Xbox definitely check her out!

4.) Blogs for Paws: Ran by the wonderful, intelligent Lauren. She's a dog grooming expert and a proud momma of two adorable dogs. She's constantly posting awesome information about grooming and keeping your pets safe and loved.
5.) Full Frontal Fantasy: A blog with reviews, news and musings on Urban Fantasy, Contemporary Fantasy, and Paranormal Romance. Lela is a big fan of the geeky and the sexy. So any combo of both is bound to spark interest. She likes animals too! Check our her blog and you can also catch her wandering Twitter. She has some awesome twitter polls.

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