Monday, August 1, 2011

Monday Joy!

I've been uber busy so my Monday Contest joy posts were practically non-existent for the month of July. You'll see what I mean by busy from my next post.

To business! Let's hit the Top 5!

5.) MSFV- Gear up for the Baker's Dozen! If you were not aware Authoress held the most amazing contest last year. 12 agents lined up to bid on selected unpublished works. The experience was worth it for the feedback that each submission received and for the tons of waiting to be signed author's searching for the ever elusive agent! Authoress is gearing up for the second issue of this awesome contest. For more details hit the link above and mark it on your calendar!

4.) Operation Awesome- Have you checked out Operation Awesome? This blog is hosted by a group of fantastic authors that specialize in YA. Besides providing great posts on writing and the wonders of,  they host Mystery Agent contests each month. Just another chance to get that log line or brilliant ready to go manuscript in front of the people who will get you published.
3.) The Season Midnight Dance Release Extravaganza!- Tomorrow, A Midnight Dance by Lila DiPasqua will be on book shelves everywhere. The Season Blog is celebrating by giving away 30 copies to lucky commenter's. I encourage everyone to stop by. The book is amazing and additionally visit Lila's blog as her husband is hosting a whirlwind release party with a special tomorrow as well.
2.) Good Housekeeping Contest- the 2011 contest is almost at the deadline. September 1st is the last day to submit. Contest is for 3,500 story based on a theme that reflects an aspect of women's lives today. This contest has a ton of rules listed and as always, I encourage those interested to read every single line. Winner gets potential publication and 3 grand.

1.) 3-Day Novel Contest- Ever write a novel in 3 days??? Would you try for the possibility of getting published? I'm not sure I would, but for some this could be the challenge you've been waiting for. The contest launches over Labor Day Weekend. This contest has been running for over 20 years, so it definitely has a seal of legitimacy in my opinion. Click on the link for more info.  P.S. Thanks to Nancy Berk for bringing this to my attention!

That's it for contests and blog joy! Off to count the purple sheep!


  1. Thanks for the Operation Awesome shout-out, Landra! These are all awesome links. Makes me wish I had a novel ready for these contests.

  2. Your more than welcome Katrina. You and the other great authors over there a Op Awesome run a fantastic blog.
    As for contests, I know right? In the same boat... but The Baker's Dozen doesn't happen for a month or so. We have time. Wait a tick... what time? Lol!