Thursday, August 18, 2011

Break Time! Hit the Water Cooler!

Blame it on me and all the projects I keep heaping on myself, but the Writing Profession Blog Series is taking a break this week.

For one thing, it's my birthday! Yes, a big b-day week! Break out the balloons, the cake, the PIE. I celebrate officially on Friday, which according to my clock is about 30 minutes away. I will not reveal my age, simply because I like to maintain an aura of mystery. Enough about me and back to more important things.

The other reason for the break involves absence of professionals. I figure my potential guests are out enjoying the last vestiges of summertime or they are extremely busy hefting the chittlins' back into school. My search will continue and I am actively seeking a ghost writer, screen play writer, book reviewer, newspaper journalist, and plenty more. If you're interested or know someone who might be send me an email.

Side note: You can also send birthday cards, chocolate, gift cards to purchase pie! There are tons of things. Lol! You don't really have to send me anything, but I figure why not. According to my previous post comments, it doesn't hurt to ask!

It amazes me that when I started this blog segment I thought I would run out of writing professions pretty fast. Just when I think I've found the last one someone mentions another or my brain clicks with a light bulb flash!
I truly want to share information and educate others on the possibilities. I think as writers we get locked up into thinking that the only way to accomplish anything is to publish a book-- but there is sooo much more.

Side note: That pie looks absolutely delicious. Can you tell that I'm thinking about pie? Maybe Fridays should be official pie posts. New ideas that make the mouth water!

So, we should be back next week with another edition. Even though my irons are stoking lots of fires I'm doing my best to keep to a Wed-Thurs. post schedule. 'Til then think pie!

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