Sunday, July 10, 2011

Writing Methods

I got 'em. You got 'em. So what's 'em?

The all- knowing precious writing method. That's 'em!
We all write differently. Sometimes it's just sitting down and cooking up a first draft. For others it's outlines and character outlines, and pictures. Then some go even further with research and details on the setting, plot, time period and all that jazz.

I write in strange ways first with an idea or a scene; sometimes this involves random dialogue. Then comes more ideas spawned by the characters in the scene, their thoughts and feelings. How does the character find their way out of their problems, what problems do they have, etc. From there my story begins to take flight. In some cases the best outlines fail me. My stories develop minds of their own, twisting and writhing according to the last scene. As if you are building a road, but you haven't decided where it will go until you get to the next bend.

So, what writing method do you employ? Is it one filled with blood, sweat and tears as you try to find the right words and thoughts to bless the pages with? Are you the studious outliner, who has everything lined out and rarely are changes needed or made?

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