Monday, June 20, 2011

Funday Monday June 20th, 2011 Edition

It's Funday Monday!!!! Contest's galore and all sorts of other things to do and learn.

5.) The question- I have heard unpublished authors, including myself, ask the question about pen names. Do you get one before you get an agent, do you build an online following with one, and multiple variations of said question. I honestly never asked anyone in the pub biz this question directly because
a.) I didn't want to look like an idiot for not already knowing the answer
b.) I didn't want to look like an idiot when I asked an agent on his/her blog when she already answered that question (archived circa 2005).
Now I finally got an answer!
Head over to Evil Editor's blog here for more info, especially take a look at Phoenix Sullivan's gem of wisdom in the comment section!

4.) The Romance Biggest Loser Contest
This fun little way to slip the pounds during the summer is still looking for participants. So, head on over. Don't be shy! I know strawberry shortcakes, and Sonic Blast Ice Cream are typical summer fare, but tis the season for delicious summer salads. Diet, but don't dye it!

3.) La Vie en Prose Cleansing Palette Contest
It's story time. Last week The Shark 'Janet Reid' had her little story jam, now it's time for Meredith.
Contest Starts: 6pm EST Monday June 20th, 2011
Contest Ends: 6pm EST Tuesday June 21st, 2011
Break out the Dr. Pepper and Cheddar Chex Mix and get crackin'.
Rules: Multiple stories accepted in comment section, must be a story, and the final sentence must be: I felt sorry, after that, but still I couldn't bring myself to cross the room.
Click the link to enter

2.) The Season Needs Reviewers
As some know, I review books for a wonder website called The Season. Right now the creator, the talented, Beverley Kendall, is in desperate need for additional reviewers. Categories are wide and far spread, a little something for everyone. Requirements include being able to review at least 2 books a month. FYI: This is a romance book review site so if you like romance of any shape or size and have a little time to commit check out the post.
-Another side note, check out The Season's blog on a daily basis. The blog has book giveaways every week.

1.) Creative Writing Contests
This is more like a general fun thing. A lot of folks who visit are already published or have agents, etc. So, writing contests may be out the door for you, but for the others this may be a little outside the box. It can be hard tracking down the ever-elusive contest information. This blog provides up and coming contests for you to check out. As always I will remind people to read the fine print, and I have not combed through the entire blogs givings. It's worth a look in my opinion.

Good luck and have a great week!
P.S. Review for Spoil of War by Phoenix Sullivan coming on Thursday.

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