Sunday, June 12, 2011

Contest Fun Monday

My top 5 picks for the week. It's been a while, I know. So, sue me! Better yet, don't sue me but bribe me with Dr. Pepper and books to read so I will post more.

5.) Janet Reid Writing Contest- Janet has one of these every so often and it's a fun test at flash fiction. Join in the fun if your brain can think that fast. My unfortunately cannot... this may be the reason I am not published.
Contest Ends: Monday 6/13 @ 7:13pm EST.

4.) The Knight Agency Blog Freebie Friday's- Now this contest is a wiener... I mean winner! Okay I promise no more Weiner jokes. Just had to throw one in there. Anyhoo, every single cotton-pickin' Friday The Knight Agency gives away a book to a lucky commenter. So put this blog on your watch list, you never know what might be available or up for grabs.

3.) The Romance Biggest Loser Contest- Feel up to losing some poundage brought on by last holiday season but you haven't had the time to get crackin'. This is a six month endeavor but the rewards include interaction with published authors, agents, and others in the genre. Plus you could win moo-lah and free books. What's not to like. Check it out this deal rolls out right after the 4th of July.
Plenty of time for you to still enjoy funnel cakes, shortcakes with berries and mountains of whipped topping, or that decadent ice cream sundae you've had your eye on. Did I mention McD's has a limited time Rolo McFlurry out once again? Completely off topic I know, but you get a pic! 

2.) 2011 Hillerman Mystery Writing Short Story Contest- Offer up 2,500 words of tantalizing mystery and you could be a big winner. Magazine publication and $1000, and a trip to the awards ceremony. Of course I always advise discretion when thinking of entering a contest and this one comes with a $20 submission fee. I haven't had time to view all the details, but recommend if you check it out and see something fishy let me know.

1.) Spoil of War- Best Arthurian Novel Ever! I don't care if you disagree with me, I loved it! So I'm posting it as my number 1 contest. I contest to you all to pay the small fee of $1.00 to snag this jewel among self-published novels. The story is wonderful, amazing, and while I have yet to post my official review, I ate the thing up in under 24 hours. I don't want to spoil anything by posting more and you'll get to read my full review soon. Until then click the link and read the first chapter as a sampler. I'll tell you though it was worth the $1.00. You don't get deals like this every day.

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