Sunday, May 16, 2010

Working hard or hardly working

 I have been toiling away at my latest attempt of a book. No clue if it deserves a book status or if the topic should be downgraded to short story. We shall see!

Till then, I have to ask if writing of any kind is working hard or is limited writing hardly working? Some writer's view themselves as hardworkers by measuring the number of pages, scenes, or # of words written in a day. I view writer's hardwork as more quality than quantity.

The quantity of the pages seems redundant, and while you may have 50 pages of material in that Word doc., it could all be the biggest load of crap ever submitted to the pile. On the other hand 10 pages of great quality work, that provides a strong emotional reaction, could be the beginnings of a bestseller. The biggest problem is finishing it. ;)

Word of the day: Quality
Definition: high grade; superiority; excellence

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