Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I'm a little LOST

After reading an article about the series finale of Lost, which is airing in a couple weeks. I finally took time to try to re-trace what Lost was about. When the series originally premiered I was captivated. As the episodes continued throughout the first season I got LOST! The show was abandoned and I ceased to understand what was so intriguing to the awe-struck masses. Needless to say I reached a state of profound confusion.

So, I attempted to re-acclimate myself with the show, like attempting to get involved in a book that you previously had turned away from. Following an hour of reading synopsis' of all the episodes, I am still LOST. The time jumping, large amount of characters, and never ending senseless drama make for an extremely LOST in translation television show that makes no sense to me.

Now this is not to say that those who are die-hard fans are wrong in their never-ending worship of the expensive, and elaborate production. I applaud those who are able to find interest in something that LOST me entirely.

I do however feel a need to raise a valid question: If LOST had originally been a book, not a television show, would agents or publishers be grabbed by a confusing jumble of plots, characters, story lines, and time jumping? Or would this brilliant idea have been LOST in the slush pile for eternity?

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