Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Quick 5: Christmas Novellas= Historical Bliss

If you follow this blog or read my monthly reading lists you will notice a trend: I love Historical Romance. I'm a sucker for it and my list of favorite authors is probably a mile long. Just about anything from Avon is an auto-buy, and if you're a historical author represented by Nelson Lit I'm probably auto-buying your books as well. Those Nelson Lit agents sure know how to pick Historical authors.

Anyhoo, this Christmas has been a release bonanza! Novella's out the wazoo, and wonderful Christmas goodness. You couldn't get me to spend my money faster unless you wrote a Historical at Christmas time. In general I love Christmas stories of just about any variety. Needless to say my checking account is emptying out with my presents for me :).  But I wanted to share the awareness with everyone else. Yes, I enable. This is my job. Here's a list of Christmas novellas you must, must get.

5.) The Winter Wife: A Christmas Novella by Anna Campbell
I love all her books and have own almost her entire backlist. You really can't go wrong with a Anna Campbell story and she writes the most delectable tortured heroes. For $1.99, this story is the right price at the right time.

4.) All I Want for Christmas is a Duke by Delilah Marvell and Maire Claremont
Two for the price of one. This is a double whammy with two hot historical shorts in one. $0.99 and I'll say this Delilah always brings things hot and unexpected. Both stories sound like a good treat to dig into while tucking yourself away from the chilly winter weather.

3.) A Kiss for Midwinter by Courtney Milan
I just finished The Duchess War (1st book of The Brothers Sinister) and I loved it. There's 1 female in the story, a Miss Charingford, who need a love of her own. Milan sees to that in this novella. For $0.99 it's quite a steal. Milan's work is worth twice that and I've enjoyed everything she's published thus far. If you haven't nipped into the Turner Series then you should definitely snatch those up too.

2.) Deck the Halls with Love: A Lost Lords of Pembrook Novella by Lorraine Heath
Heath's latest series, The Lost Lords of Pembrook, has been nothing short of wonderful. I've enjoyed the books thus far and await with baited breath the next release in 2013. Yet, at the end of the last book I found there was a male hero who was pretty thoroughly neglected. I hoped Heath would tell his story. I'm happy to say the Marquess of Chetwyn gets his well-deserved HEA. For a mere dollar, less then really, you can enjoyed this additional Christmas treat.

1.) The Christmas King by Lecia Cornwall
Originally as part of the Historical Christmas Eve  Blog Hop, Lecia began this short story there. Since then two additional installments have been posted at her blog (linked above). The story is not over yet, and the next portion will be available today. This is an opportunity of mega proportions. Not often does an established author give a story away for free. Lecia is a rare talent and her books thus far have always been enjoyable. She's got a way with dialogue and the Christmas King is not exception. Especially since she transports everyone to a snowed in castle. :) Check it out and enjoy.

So, for $5 dollars and a bit of internet viewing you can get 6 wonderful Christmas novellas for your reading pleasure. Who says we can't reward ourselves with a little gift that doesn't break the bank? No one. Be Merry and Read. Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas readers.

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