Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Things Every One's Talking About: Sandy and Voting Day

She blew in from the south waters of the Atlantic, and crapped on the eastern seaboard. Then it spurned up thunderstorms, snowstorms, and a bunch of other weather messes further in the Mid-Atlantic region. Millions were and still are without power. NYC went dark. It's Mother Nature at her most potent. So, it's got me thinking about a couple of things.

Food, water, and the bare necessities: What are people doing out there to survive? They need help that's for sure. How can I do anything? Donate to the American Red Cross. For Americans everywhere all it requires is a quick text message and $10 gets tacked onto your bill. The number is 90999 for those who may have missed all the hubbub. Others outside the United States can still donate by going to www.redcross.org. I just can't imagine being in a disaster where I can get my children a drink of water or cook them dinner. Thankfully I haven't experienced a catastrophe of that nature.

It's Dark in NYC: Alright, I'm not knocking the city that never sleeps, because New York definitely doesn't sleep, but when I told my hubby that NYC went dark he said he was glad he lived here and not there. Our minds immediately went to the potential crime rise that would occur. I'm sure plenty of the people I know in the writer world are fairing just fine in the area. At least I hope and pray they are, but I've lived in the big cities and I don't like the crime insanity that follows a natural disaster. My prayers are not just for those without power but it's for those just trying to keep their personal property and families safe. "Hide yo kids, hide yo wife." People are inherently good, except for the 2% of the population who's in general a bunch of a-holes.

Now to the big news for Tuesday: It's voting day. Millions of American citizens are casting our votes for the next President of the United States, but it's more then just Romney vs. Obama. In each state there's other issues, we're casting votes on the definition of marriage, the right to legalize marijuana, State Representatives, County Judges, State Senators, and so many other things. So voting and exercising the ability to vote at first may seem like it's about the big race, when in fact it's about the little ones. Those little races and laws have a direct impact on day to day life and deserve every one's voice.

I don't talk about my personal politics on this blog, and for good reason. A friend and romance author, Beverley Kendall, once said that she loses far to many good friendships due to differences between religion and politics that it's better to not discuss them. I'm with her. So instead I'll just implore people to exercise their right to vote. You've got the ability, where others in some countries don't get the pleasure, so flaunt it, strut into that voter's booth and get your vote on.

To NYC and Jersey love you all and stay safe. I've already heard from the infamous shark, Janet Reid, who's been out to cast her vote on the streets of NYC. So even a hurricane won't get those folks down. In the word's of another president:

"...let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself -- nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance."

Nothing will stop us from being heard except the fear that our voice doesn't matter. Don't fear, don't cower, vote.

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