Sunday, July 1, 2012

Alert: Appendage Missing!

I'm sure this is a bit overdramatic, but screw it! I'm missing an appendage and it's called my critique partner. First she was gone for a week for studying, then testing. Then another week passed and I knew she was catching up on work. No. Big. Deal. Right?

We made plans and then nature struck! Knocked out her computer and phone capabilities, that's when I freaked out. Officially two weeks since speaking and I'm going nuts. I need this person who I bounce ideas off of.

As she, my awesome critique partner, so elegantly put it before us conversing is like 'creative crack', and I feel like I'm in a writing rut without her. So fine readers I need prayers, crossing fingers, druid circles, whatever it is that you do to add a bit o'luck and send it my direction. I need my crit partner back or this deadline I'm trying to meet might not happen.

P.S. This (unlike usually) 

isn't working for me.

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