Sunday, November 13, 2011

Blog Joy Saturday- November 12, 2011

Just realized the automaton never posted this like it was supposed to. *Shakes fist at computer screen* Devils, I say. Sorry for the delay... I'm calm now. Moving onward.

Today's blog joy is for the Romance Book blogs. These book blogs either review, giveaway, and/or interview romance authors about their latest releases. Most of the blogs are must subscribe or visit daily as there is always something good going on.

Let's start with the Romance Bandits! I talk about these ladies a lot. Some of my favorite romance writers blog with them including Anna Campbell, who guested on my Writing Profession series. They have a new website, the blogger site is now shutdown. Except the new site is even better, more links, more fun, and just more everything. Check it out here.

Next up The Season. This blog has the best giveaways I've ever seen. Books just fly from this blog on a continuous basis. Plus there is a huge amount of reviews, free reads, publishing info and more. To be honest I currently review for this site and love it! Of course I'm going to tell you all to go and visit. I can promise that you won't regret it if you're a romance lover.

Finally two other review blogs make it to BJS. Both are romance review blogs and awesome of course!

We have the lovely Rita Jett on Not Another Romance Blog . Now the posts are not as hot and heavy this year as in previous ones because the lovely blog creator is busy and toiling away at schooling. Regardless she does tend to get some of the best on dits and I still recommend that you put the site on your radar.

Then there's Romancing Rakes. Ran by the ever naughty and wicked Kati R. You can find her on twitter but her review blog is completely enchanting. By enchanting I mean that Kati is honest and wonderful. She reviews a lot of different books and there's always some good recommendations on her site. I easily get lost for at least an hour whenever I visit.

Now these are my topic picks, but as always I'm open to trying new sites and things. Do you have a favorite review blog for romance, sci-fi, YA, or other genres? Where should I go? Tell me! :)

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