Sunday, September 11, 2011

Funday Monday- September 12, 2011

It's Funday Monday and we need new stuff to keep wandering minds occupied.

First a little naughtiness... not that kind romance readers.

4.) Perpetual Kid- Whether you work from home, occupy the 9-5 shift or just want to send something to a critique partner. Perpetual Kid has a ton of awesome items. A friend turned me on to this site and let me say that her and I both got stuck on here for hours finding ways to spend our money. There was a lot of giggling involved too.

3.) Whine at 9 - Recently a twitter friend turned me onto this blog. It's all about complaining and actually has audio podcasts that you can listen to. There's even a call in number where you can provide your own whine. I haven't used the number yet, but am putting it on my reserve list. So between the blogs and audio clips you'll find plenty of stuff to amuse you and who knows some of the whines may boost a little creativity.

2.) Fantasy book reviews- In the search through the blog-o-sphere I've been trying to locate a good fantasy book review site. So far my search has turned up a few results and I have mixed feelings about them. Regardless, if you're a fantasy genre fan then these sites may be of interest for your next money spending endeavor.
Fantasy Book Critic- extremely detailed reviews.
Fantasy & SciFi Lovin' News & Reviews- Reviews on more than just fantasy including movies, graphic novels, etc.
Fantasy Book Reviews- This covers YA fantasy only. The great thing is that the provide detailed opinions and at least describe if a book may have content that parents don't want their children to read.

1.) Ashley March is on a blog Tour!- Alright! Everyone knows I'm a sucker for historical romance. Yes...I am. Anyhoo, Ashley March's latest Romancing the Countess is out now and she has started a massive contest/slash blog tour. The link has more info. She's blogging about this book just about everywhere, and let me tell you from personal experience it's worth talking about. I'll have a review up soon. The grand prize is 50 romance books... if you can handle the challenge.

I'm sure you noticed only 4 exciting things this week... but if that's all there is then *shrugs*.
Enjoy the Monday!

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  1. Great links, Landra! I'm gonna spend way too much time on Perpetual Kid alone...